Scan with your smartphone Crypto Wallet

You can access your Digital Identity from your desktop or from your smartphone. In any case you will need a smartphone crypto wallet to authenticate yourself. We support through WalletConnect more than 50 crypto mobile wallets (Metamask, Trust, Rainbow, ImToken, Matic Wallet,...).

To connect with your mobile wallet, go to Settings or Options of your Crypto Wallet and select WalletConnect. This opens the smarphone camera to scan the QR code. If the scan does not accept the small QR Code try a larger one. After scanning, if you already have an Digital Identity, it should prompt you to approve the connection to Talao Professional Identity.

If you do not have a Digital Identity, it will propose you to register a new Professional Digital Identity.

If you use your smartphone browser to access the Talao website, your crypto mobile app will open automatically. Your mobile will allow you to list the supported mobile linking wallets and provide you with logo, name, color and targetted deep links.