Give an Identity to your Web3 applications

We issue verifiable credentials in the format of Self Sovereign Identity for users of Crypto games, NFT Marketplaces, DeFi and Metaverse

Web3 companies are entering a new world where their user data is now as decentralized as their crypto assets and where regulations are becoming more and more restrictive

To comply with regulations, secure their transactions and get to know their customers better, we offer Web3 companies credential Verifiers that can be configured in a few minutes and easily integrated into their development framework. For this we use advanced decentralized technologies such as Beacon, WalletConnect or OpenID for SSI

An identity is now available for all crypto wallets and all blockchains

Our solutions make it possible to add identity and personal data to the most popular crypto wallets as Temple and Kukai for Tezos or Trust, Metamask and Ledger Live for Ethereum. Users can therefore continue to use their favorite crypto wallet while benefiting from credentials even without sharing their private keys

Decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials are international standards

We implement W3C standards and protocols proposed by the Decentralized Foundation. Our verifiable credentials are compatible with those of European projects such as EBSI and Gaia-X which have also adopted these same standards. Users have control and knowledge of the data they present to third parties thanks to the ownership of their private key. For full privacy, credentials are stored in the user non custodial wallet Altme

Businesses and their users can now share verified data for mutual benefit while ensuring the protection of personal data

We combine the best on-chain and off-chain data sources to enrich and enhance the wallets of users of web3 applications with awsome partners and companies as Passbase, Yoti, The Graph or Bakind Bad TzKT. All our credentials are signed with decentralized identifiers (DID) in publicly accessible W3C format. They are transferred to the user's wallet after verifying their cryptographic signature. We never transfer a credential to a company

More than 20 user credentials specifically designed for Web3 applications

We apply the principle of data minimization and thus credentials always carry the minimum data required for user needs. Credentials are issued for free