Build Self Sovereign Identity issuers and verifiers in minutes

Altme Saas is a next-generation platform to integrate Decentralized Identity solutions in an application.

To use Altme Saas, you don't need to learn Verifiable Credentials standards, DIDs signature or how to work with a complex SDK.

Instead, Altme uses OpenID, WalletConnect or Beacon as a simple, familiar method to integrate issuers and verifiers in your Web3, Web2 or CMS application with no code or low code.

You can now launch your SSI project in hours, not weeks !

Onboard your users with Verifiable Credentials and
check address with your smart contracts in a whitelist or with a SBT

In some situations an application only needs an API to verify credentials but decentralized applications (dApp) need to have on-chain information.

For us it's all about integrating with our clients' architectures that's why our verifiers and issuers can mint SBTs or write data to on-chain whitelists while keeping user privacy at its main objective.

SSI can now become mainstream