Mint your student NFT now

As a European graduate, you now have the chance to mint a unique NFT to access exclusive advantages within the Tezos ecosystem.

Step 1 : Connect your ALTME wallet

Scan this QR code, pair your ALTME wallet and share your diploma to prove your are graduated.

** Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) gives individuals control over the personal information they use across the web.

You have questions ? We have answers.

The Altme wallet is 100% free-to-use. You can download it here :

To reward newly graduated European students who have claimed their diploma in the verifiable credential format (EBSI), Altme and the Tezos Foundation are offering a unique non-transferable NFT to each student ! Each NFT represents a unique proof of graduation and offers exclusive advantages, benefits and opportunities in the Tezos ecosystem.

1. Share your diploma credential from your Altme wallet (or other EBSI conformant wallets) to prove your graduation.
2. Pair your favorite Tezos wallet such as: Altme wallet, Temple, Trust Wallet, Kukaiā€¦ and mint your NFT !

No, each student is eligible to mint only one NFT. This ensures that the collection remains limited and exclusive to European graduates only : 1 diploma = 1 NFT.

No, there are no transaction fees to mint this NFT. It's 100% free !

These benefits may include discounts, cashbacks, exclusive NFT drops, perks, access to special events or opportunities, and more. Stay tuned for updates on the advantages provided by Tezos projects.

No, the Tezos student NFT is non-transferable and cannot be sold.

The Tezos student NFT does not disclose any personal information. It solely proves that a Tezos address is owned by an European graduate without revealing any private details.

A growing number of Tezos projects will join this initiative and offer benefits to students. The list of projects, as well as the advantages offered by each project, will be disclosed soon.

Yes, the collection is limited in number for each university or school promotion. Once your diploma is available in this new verifiable credential format, it is recommended to mint your Tezos NFT as soon as possible to secure your benefits in the Tezos ecosystem.